A warm welcome,

great that you visit this homepage. This site is made and maintained by volunteers. Please understand that we cannot provide all the information of this website in different languages - that’s why we start in English and French. And that’s why it’s so important to learn the German language if you intend to stay here.

We try to support you in any possible way and wish to help you to become familiar with our rules and habits here so that you can settle well and feel comfortable with us.

At the beginning we provide you with links from the internet where you can get all sorts of informations in your language.

Our wish is that you come to rest here and feel comfortable to take part in German day to day life.

We also give you some emails of people who understand your language. They can probably establish further contacts for you or give you helpful information you might need.

English:  Thomas - language support,
French:  Andrea - language support,

For regular translations we are looking for helpers - who is interested?

Arabic - German Translations

more in the PDF: Vokabular_Arabisch_syrisch.pdf

German classes in Effringen

For those who don't have German classes at all we offer these possibilities to learn German in Effringen:

  • Monday
  • Thursday
  • and Saturday

Our open German classes

For everybody who wants to practise German we offer these possibilities in Effringen:

  • on Friday 18:00 in the evening with Erich Künne

In these two classes we don't follow a book but learn whatever you need to learn right now. Please come, it's a nice way to learn writing in German and everyday conversations

An app to arrive her

In case you don't know it yet - this is a helpful app to arrive in Germany,

it helps to learn the language and many other things

You can download it here:

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Folgende Personen haben im Arbeitkreis Flüchtlinge koordinierende Aufgaben übernommen und bilden unter der Leitung der Stadt Wildberg den Lenkungskreis:

Koordination für Wildberger Flüchtlingsangelegenheiten
Susanne Gärtner

Für die Gemeinschaftsunterkunft
im Welzgraben ist rechtlich das
Landratsamt Calw zuständig.

Der Ansprechpartner dort beim Asylbewerbersozialdienst im Kreis Calw ist
Herr Kusnadi
Die Arbeitskreise

AK SKF - Sprache, Kultur, Freizeit
Anke Much und
Björn Fehrenbacher

AK IMBB - Infrastruktur, Mobilität, Behördengänge, Berufsbegleitung
Petra Carle

AK BA - Beschaffung und Ausstattung
Dieter Dannenmann

AK KJ - Kinder und Jugendliche

Effringen / Schönbronn
Sprecherin:  Doris Ganz

AK Wildberg
Benno Schnaidt

AK Gültlingen
Ulrich Knödler

AK Sulz
Rita Weippert

Homepage der Stadt Wildberg
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